The Force Meets The Tub: Star Wars Bath Toys, Towels, And More

Star Wars made a huge impression when it came out in the late 1970s and early 80s, and perhaps even more amazing is the lasting impression the phenomenon still has with today’s kids, nearly 40 years later. Many parents have loved passing down their enjoyment of the characters and world created “in a galaxy far, far away” with their children.

Star Wars Bath Toys

Star Wars bath toys can be hard to find, but fortunately there’s this large set of 7 Star Wars Bath Toy Characters containing Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and an incredibly cute smiling Chewbacca that almost makes the set worth the price by himself.

With Disney’s 2015 reboot of the Star Wars franchise sparking a whole new generation of children enjoying this classic storyline, what better time to share the characters with your little ones? And what better place than in the bathtub?

Because of tight licensing, there aren’t a ton of Star Wars bath toys available, but we’ve compiled ones that were easy to purchase and had generally favorable reviews here on this page. In addition, there are a number of awesome looking Star Wars bath towels, mats, and other bathroom accessories that children are bound to enjoy.

Take a look at all of them in the comparison table below, and then read on below that for more detailed descriptions of our favorites.

A Closer Look At Some Of The Funnest Star Wars Bath Toys And Accessories

Hopefully the comparison chart above gives you a nice quick look at some of the best Star Wars bath toys and accessories that are readily available today. For more detailed information about a few of our favorites read on below.

1. Star Wars Set Of 7 Character Bath Toys – Disney Parks Exclusive

Star Wars Disney Bath Toys

Your child will definitely have fun with this awesome Star Wars Bath Toy Set, but chances are you may too!

This set is by far the coolest Star Wars bath toys we have been able to find readily available. The 7 characters it comes with are a soft squeezable material, and the ones with faces (i.e. Yoda and Chewy) are designed to look super cute and friendly (even if Chewy is holding a gun under those blue eyes).

The 7 characters included that your child canĀ zoom around the galaxy with are Jedi Master Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca the Wookie, a Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. Like most soft bath toys, these Star Wars bath toys have holes in them so they can be easily squeezed. While great tactile fun, the only downside of this is the potential for mold growth inside the toy, so we recommend a normal mold cleaning regimen somewhat regularly after use (e.g. a quick soak in some vinegar). Some parents have also been known to dab a little hot glue over the holes to trade the squeeze feature for no mold potential.

Recommended for the creative age range of 2 to 4 year olds, it’s no surprise that one frequently mentioned positive about this set in the Amazon customer reviews is its capacity to inspire the imaginations of little ones. Multiple parents even report that kids want to play with these toys both in and out of the tub daily. They work great as normal dry toys in the playroom or bedroom, or even as cake toppers and the like.

See full customer reviews and prices on Amazon.

2. CelebriDucks Spa Wars Rubber Duck Bath Toy

CelebriDucks Star Wars Bath Toy Rubber DuckCelebriDucks is a clever and amusing line of rubber ducks modeled after very recognizable people and characters. Their Spa Wars model, bearingĀ a striking resemblance to the most powerful Jedi Master in galactic history, is definitely one of their best. It makes a cute and fun toy for your little one, or a great novelty gift for anyone.

It is made phthalate free–robe, lightsaber scrub brush and all. And of course, the motto of the little Yoda duck is “May the bath be with you.”

If your little one has any hesitation about bath time, just try on your best Yoda voice and give this little duck’s other motto a try: “Turn from the dirt side, you must.”

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3. Disney Star Wars Bathroom Set

Disney Star Wars Bathroom Set With TowelsIf you’d really like to go all out with your Star Wars bathroom decor, this is the perfect set to do it with. The 2 bath towels in the set are a lot cooler than many of the standalone Star Wars bath towels we were able to find, and it also comes with 1 hand towel, 6 washcloths, a Storm Trooper toothbrush holder, Darth Vader soap dispenser, and R2-D2 wastebasket.

While it’s the priciest item on our list, with a full 12 pieces it is a really cool collection that is bound to make some little boy or girl’s day.

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