Find The Cutest Baby Bath Robes For Your Little One

There’s not much cuter than a baby in a bath robe, and I mean that very, very sincerely. All clean from a nice bath, and now wrapped up snuggly and warm in an adorable soft baby bath robe. Throw in an animal hood design and your heart will just about melt!

Penguin Baby Bath Robe

Baby Aspen has a line of animal baby bath robes that are hugely popular this year. How cute is this little penguin?

Whether your shopping for your own child or as a gift (cute bath robes make wonderful baby gifts), once we find the right design with the right size and price, when shopping for baby bath robes the main additional consideration is the softness of the fabric. Does it have good reviews where other parents mention how soft and cozy the fabric is? Even better if they mention it retains its softness well after going through the wash, then we’ll know this robe will last at least until they outgrow it.

Below we’ve put together a comparison chart showing some of the top-rated and best selling baby bath robes of 2024. They are a mix of animal-style and more traditional but still adorable and soft robes. Most of the robes are sized for babies aged 0-9 months, but a few of them, including this 5-star super soft Disney Mickey Mouse robe, have size options upwards of 18 months. Many of the robes are available in several different colors or animal-style options, so make sure to check them out to find the one that’s just right for your little one!

A Closer Look Into The Top Baby Bath Robes

Hopefully the comparison chart above has given you a few ideas about which bath robe is the right one for your baby. If you’re still undecided, read on and we will explore some of our top options in even more detail below.

1. The Baby Aspen Animal Design Terrycloth Robes

There’s a good chance that the most popular bath robes on the online market today are in fact these adorable animal robes by Baby Aspen. Available in a wide variety of cute-as-you-can-imagine animal designs, these robes stand out from the crowd as well due to their spa-like terrycloth fabric.

Nearly all styles of the Baby Aspen robe are available in the 0-9 month size, and several of them are also available in 9-18 months, including the “Let The Fin Begin” shark robe. Let’s take a quick look through all of the animal designs available below:

Baby Bath Robe

Let The Fin Begin Shark

Baby Bath Robe

Big Top Bath Time Lion

Baby Bath Robes

My Little Night Owl

Baby Bathrobe

Wash & Waddle Penguin

Hippo Animal Baby Bath Robe

Hug-alot-amus Hooded Hippo

Dinosar Baby Bath Robe

Splash-a-Saurus Dinosaur

Owl Animal Baby Bath Robe

My Little Night Owl – Green

Shark Animal Baby Bath Robe

Let The Fin Begin Shark – Pink

A word of caution, when purchasing this robe from Amazon make sure to purchase from an official Amazon-warehouse seller. Some customers several years ago reported receiving cheaper-quality knock-off versions, but that looks to have been a problem of the past as the most recent review to that extent is from 2012. Just keep a look out to make sure that when you’re ordering it says the product is eligible for Amazon Prime, because then you know it is being shipped out directly from Amazon’s warehouses.

2. The Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bathrobe with Booties

One of the biggest bangs for your buck comes in the form of this Spasilk Cotton Bathrobe with Booties. It comes in 4 colors–3 varieties of pink and 1 white–each with a different cute embroidery on the chest, including a butterfly, bunny, flower, and fish.

What’s more, at just barely above $10 at the time of publication, this robe comes in as the cheapest option on the list. You really can’t beat that price for a robe alone, and this one even comes with little booties!

While this robe may not be the softest material of the bunch, it is 100% cotton terrycloth and will work nicely for those looking to pick up a robe on a budget.

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3. American Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Baby Bathrobe

Some parents just want a plain bathrobe, not embellished with any pictures of duckies or frogs and not in the shape of any other animals. If that’s what you’re looking for your baby, just a comfortable quality robe without the baby designs, then this robe by the American Baby Company is likely your best bet.

This bathrobe has achieved that special status where multiple reviewers have remarked on how well it launders, even remarking on it getting softer after a few cycles, rather than the other way around. It comes in 4 color combinations: white/gray, blue, green (celery), and pink. The white/gray combination has an elegant zigzag pattern on the pocket, making it quite the stylish piece.

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4. Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Fleece Robe

Disney mixes it up with a 100% polyester option that features a classic Mickey Mouse design with some sports-themed icons. It’s available in both 12-month and 18-month sizes, giving you more space than most baby bath robes on this list for your child to grow into it. Based on past reviews it is also made in a 24-month size, however that size is not available at the time of this publication. The product title on the sales page suggests it is marketed for boys, but if you’ve got a little girl who likes Mickey or sports, there’s no reason to let that stop you.

The polyester material of this bathrobe ensures a very soft feel. This robe is also in that hallowed territory of having received only 5-star reviews. Every customer that’s bought it and left a review have been pleased to the point of not finding any faults with it.

So if your child has outgrown his or her baby bath robe, and Mickey is a fun face in your household, consider this super soft robe from Disney.

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5. Luvable Friends Woven Terry Baby Bath Robe with Slippers, Pink

Another bath robe where the quality might surprise you for the price, the Luvable Friends sets are also a great option. Made from 100% cotton, there are 7 color and animal combinations for this robe, so quite a bit of choice to find the right match. What’s more, these robes come with their own pair of matching slippers as well!

While this robe is sized 0-9 months, a couple reviewers have remarked that it leans to the larger side, which is almost always a welcome thing with your baby growing fast.

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