The Best Baby Bath Accessories For Comfort and Safety

There are a few types of baby bath accessories that can make your life as a parent a lot easier. Bath time is a very regular occurrence, so making it consistently even a slightly more comfortable experience for either the child or the one doing the bathing (you!) can make a huge difference in the long run.

Baby Bath Accessories Safety

This cute little Skip Hob Moby bath spout cover has been the #1 best seller on Amazon this year for Kids Bathroom Safety Accessories.

The right bath accessories can also make a big difference with regards to safety. When your child graduates to using the normal household bathtub, there are a couple of common culprits for bumps and bruises. Plan ahead with the usual suspects and you’ll likely save the little one from a bit of pain, and yourself from at least a few crying episodes.

The four types of baby bath accessories that can make the biggest difference are as follows. Depending on your preferences, and where your child is at in age and bathing location, focusing on just a couple could be all you need to make a big difference in the bath time experience.

  1. Knee Pads – Bathroom floors are hard on the knees, but in a full bathtub you’ll often need to bend over to help your little one wash or play. These are a lifesaver.
  2. Spout Covers – Usually at the perfect height for your little one to bop their head on when swimming around, a cute little padded cover doubles as fun and safety!
  3. Visors or Splashguards – Visors may not be the most in fashion trend, but they sure can be practical when it comes to keeping soap and water out of their little eyes!
  4. Floor Grips – Some bath tubs are just really slippery. Thankfully there are non-slip grip stickers in the shape of fish and duckies. A game for the kids and safety all in one!

Below is a comparison table with information from the top rated and best selling baby bath accessories of 2024. Besides the above, you’ll find some other types of accessories in the best selling ranks as well, such as cute baby bath thermometers that double as toys, and the popular Skip Hob Moby rinser that’s great for both having fun and pouring water over your little one’s head.

A Closer Look Into The Most Useful Types Of Baby Bath Accessories

Hopefully the comparison table above has given you an idea of a few different ways you can make your bath time more comfortable and safe with baby bath accessories. Let’s take a closer look now though into some of the best products we have available to us for each type of accessory.

Knee Pads

When your child outgrows their infant bath tub and graduates to using your home’s normal bath tub, chances are you’ll be adding a bit of extra work to your bend-over quota. Many parents like to kneel down next to the bath tub during bath time in order to help their child wash up, engage with the toys if it’s a fussy bath, or just join in on the fun with whatever the bath time game of the night is.

And let’s face it, most bathroom floors are rather hard and uncomfortable to kneel on for very long. You could just use a towel for a bit of cushion, but it is a bathroom floor and you don’t really want to be adding to your laundry pile. Instead, for a nominal amount you could take advantage of one of the many bath tub accessories designed specifically for this problem.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the top-rated knee pads for bath time available now.

1. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler

More than just a knee pad, this kneeler folds over the side of your bath tub, connecting to the inside with several suction cups. The fact that it folds over, in addition to providing a little bonus elbow cushion, gives it space for 3 handy pockets where you can store soap and shampoo to help prevent them from falling into the bath. One of the pockets even has a little velcro cover, making it a potential fantastic spot to get in the habit of putting your wedding ring before each bath time if you don’t like getting it wet. When bath time is over the folding design of course makes it easier to store away as well.

A couple customer reviews mention problems getting the suction cups to stick to their tubs, but if your tub material is not conducive to suction cups this isn’t a crucial component of the product, and the vast majority of the nearly 200 customer reviews on Amazon don’t seem to have any issue with the suction cups. Even one of the few customers who did still gave the product 4 stars, saying “I am so glad I bought this instead of a stool. This makes giving my baby a bath so easy and effortless.”

A small percentage of negative reviews also mention needing to watch out for mold, as with most any bath tub accessory. Though it’s made out of water-resistant polyester, the part that seems to be biggest problem area is the part that folds over to the inside of the bath tub, since it is most in contact with water. My suggestion: a quick towel dry at the end of bath time or a quick spritz with vinegar solution that you may already have around handy for bathroom mold prevention. Not a fan of the smell of vinegar? Just add a little essential oil to the solution, like lavender.

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2. BRICA Bath Kneeler

Brica Bath KneelerThe other top-rated knee pad is the BRICA Bath Kneeler, made from water-resistant PVC vinyl. Unlike the Aquatopia there are no pockets involved, it is just a cute knee pad, and it’s reflected in the price that is about 30% cheaper than the Aquatopia. At about 17 in. x 9 in. it is quite a bit smaller in size so if you are a larger adult you may find it too small to comfortably rest both knees on. But if you’re just looking for a simple little knee pad, this is a good-looking option.

A small tab allows you to hang the kneeler on a towel hook when you’re finished with it, and a little orange handle is designed to help you pick it up easily off a wet floor. What’s more, none of the more than 200 customer reviews currently even mention anything about mold! The material looks very high quality and some customers report it looking good-as-new years later.

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Spout Covers

When kids are joyously playing in the bathtub we don’t ever want the metallic bath spout at about their head-level to trade in smiles for crying. Fortunately it’s an easy fix with several products available to cushion the bath spout in really cute ways.

1. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

When it comes to spout covers, you can’t beat the ridiculously cute and #1 best seller on Amazon Skip Hop Moby. The adorable whale really looks to be perfectly designed, with a fin that pulls the strap tight and secure around the spout and a blowhole designed for the shower release to go through. Even the tail serves as a handy hook to hang up Moby when the bath tub is not in kid-mode.

Overall it’s a really well thought out product that’s gotten rave reviews from parents. It’s also dishwasher safe if you ever need to really disinfect. Plus, it matches a set of other equally adorable Skip Hop Moby bathroom accessories.

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2. Harry The Hippo

While the Skip Hop Moby is the one spout cover that fits the widest variety of bath spouts, if whales are not your thing Harry The Hippo is the second highest rated bath spout cover. He’s very cute as well, a good bit larger, and the water actually flows through Harry’s mouth.

The downside is that Harry is not designed to go on spouts with a shower diverter (the little rod you pull for a shower), so he’s more limited on which spouts he can work on. However, one customer who found that out the hard way is also successfully using Harry as a bathroom sink extender, so the little one can reach the sink water.

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Visors and Splashguards

One of the biggest battles of bath time is typically washing the hair time. Many children really do not like the feeling of water in the sensitive areas of the face, and they will often voice their displeasure quite loudly.

Visors and splashguards solve this problem by letting the hair be washed and rinsed still while guarding the face. Some visors are like little shower caps with a hole cut out of the middle that your child can wear, while others you hold up against the child’s forehead when it’s time to rinse. Let’s take a look at a couple of the top sellers in this category.

1. Lil Rinser Splashguard in Blue and Pink

This popular splashguard is the latter variety, where you hold the guard up to the child’s head as you pour water over it. It has a soft rim that contours to the child’s face, helping to make a comfortable fit.

While some parents would mind the extra hand needed to make this solution work, others may prefer it over a visor that their child needs to wear, especially if the child is prone to not letting anything stay on his or her head for very long. When using this splashguard it’s important to angle it slightly downwards on the forehead to make a complete seal, as putting it straight against the child’s head like a baseball cap may result in some leaks.

Use it properly though and you’ll hopefully experience the company’s motto of “Dry Eyes, Dry Ears, No Fears.”

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2. Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor

You may instead be the type of parent who prefers a hands-free solution, and has a child who doesn’t mind wearing a cool “hat” for bath time. If that’s the case, the Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor may be your better option. It’s made out of a soft silicone that’s designed to be comfortable for babies and older kids alike, and is one size fits all.

This bath visor comes in 3 cool colors: blue, green, and purple.

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Floor Grips

No matter how fun Little Richard made it sound in the 50s, we generally want to avoid slippin’ and slidin’ when our kids are taking a bath in the normal bath tub. If your bath tub has a particularly slippery floor there is practically no end to the amount of bath mats you can get to add some traction, and plenty of options even at your local stores.

But today there are some funner options available to us online, namely adorable bath tub stickers that double as both a fun time for your child and some safety traction on the bath tub floor. Let’s take a look at the leading product in this category.

1. SlipDoctors Non-Slip Bath Tub Sticker Combo Pack

Bath tub stickers, also known as tub tattoos, are a pretty genius idea. I tend to associate bathroom mats with dirt and grime, as they always tend to collect in all the little ridges and suction cups those come with. But bath tub stickers solve that by not needing ridges and staying very clean. Their bright colors remain vibrant and clean long into their use.

This combo pack from SlipDoctors comes with 3 different animals: a Nemo-like clown fish, a ducky, and a frog. Each animal comes with 5 stickers. You can turn it into an exciting little game for your child to help you decorate the bath tub floor with one animal at a time.

The stickers come off with a little bit of force if you need to remove them and do not leave any sticky residue. Many customers report the stickers lasting for about 6 months or so before starting to slowly peal up on their own, so when they do you can replace them with the next animal, order another set, or celebrate your kid being old enough to not need them anymore.

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