A Guide To The Best Baby Bath Tubs In 2024

Quality bath time with your children can be one of life’s greatest joys. Before the little one is old enough to use the regular-sized family bath time though, we want them to be as comfortable and clean as possible in their own little baby bath tub, while hopefully making our job of bathing them convenient and hassle-free as well.

Baby Bath Tub With Sling

This newborn-to-toddler tub by Summer Infant combines some of the best features of baby bath tubs available today. The standalone sling section of the bath tub (pictured here) is great for when the child is a newborn, while the removable shower feature frees you up to bathe where it’s most convenient. The tub grows with the child, as when your baby grows out of the sling they can graduate to the baby tub itself.

Having the right bath tub setup goes a long way towards this end, so we’ve gone through the top-rated baby bath tubs of 2024 and created a comparison chart for them below to help make your task of choosing one a little easier.

A popular trend today among baby bath tubs is to have removable features that accommodate different sized children so that your baby’s tub can grow with them as they quickly get bigger in those first couple of years. The main feature to this end is a sling that is a perfect way to comfortably sit a newborn in the tub for bathing. It’s like their own little hammock they can relax in, suspended above the bottom of the tub, while you pour water over them and tend to their every scrubbing need! Then when the child is old enough to sit in the tub themselves, you simply remove the sling and have the child enjoy the padded tub underneath.

It’s amazing some of the other features that are available in today’s baby bath tubs as well. Some tubs now come with their own little shower units that let you rinse the baby with a soft stream of water. This can free you up in choosing the best location for the baby’s bath now, as you may no longer be tethered to the kitchen sink if that is not the most clean area of your household.

We’ve examined these features and more in the best baby bath tubs on the market today and compiled a comparison table to help you quickly see which may be the best option for you. Check out the comparison table next, and continue reading below for more details about the best of the best.

Comparing The Best Baby Bath Tubs

A Closer Look At The Best Baby Bath Tubs

Hopefully the comparison chart above has given you a few ideas about which baby bath tub is right for you. If you’re still undecided, read on and we will explore some of the top-rated tubs in even more detail below.

1. Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

You’ve heard of the old drive the baby around the block trick right? Or the car seat on top of the dryer? Well, it works because vibrations are a parent’s best friend when a fussy baby is on hand. And believe it or not, the same trick works wonders in a bath tub. Some babies love bath time, but other little ones are less thrilled to be in the water. So Fisher-Price came up with this Calming Waters Vibration Tub to help mellow out any little ones who love to cry when bath time rolls around.

Supplying 1 C battery will let you turn the vibrations on, which are subtle enough not to startle the baby but present enough to be very soothing. Parents rave about it for this feature, but it’s also a wonderfully designed tub regardless of the vibration feature. A “grow-with-me” design, this tub comes with the popular sling for newborns that can be removed when the child is old enough to bathe in the tub itself. There’s also a pillow that cushions the head in both stages of the child’s bathing growth, with the sling and without, plus a drain plug for easy emptying.

Believe it or not, Fisher-Price consistently has the top-rated baby bath tubs on Amazon, and this is up there with their best. A functional sling design and a well-executed vibration feature makes for the highest rated tub on our comparison list.

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2. The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling

Let’s move on from the top-rated baby bath tub to the best selling baby bath tub. This tub from The First Years has over 1700 customer reviews, a 4.5 average rating, and is the #1 best seller in baby bath tubs on Amazon. What makes it the best selling tub around? A perfectly functional and comfortable design to go along with a low price tag that almost cuts in half the prices of many of the competitors.

This First Years tub comes in both blue and pink options. Both varieties have the popular mesh slings that make this bath tub “grow” along with your child from newborn to toddler. When your child does graduate to the tub, the tub itself is ergonomically designed and cushioned with mildew resistant soft pads. Built into the tub is also a clever little area where you can store toys, soaps, or rinse water for easy access.

When you have a perfectly designed tub like this at a bargain price that can’t be beat, it’s certainly a top contender on almost anybody’s list.

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3. Summer Infant Newborn-to-Toddler Bath and Shower Tub

This popular tub from Summer Infant is similar to the best-selling First Years tub from #2, but it has a couple of additional features that may appeal to some parents enough to justify the slightly higher price tag. One of those features is that the sling is actually a standalone bather in itself, meaning that if removed from the tub it can support itself upright so you can place it, for instance, in a smaller sink with the newborn comfortably supported inside it like a hammock.Summer Infant Bath Center and Shower Pink

The other standout feature is its removable shower unit. When connected to the tub this shower unit can take water from the tub and gently spray it on your baby for a nice cleanse away of the suds. Or, remove the shower from the tub and use it separately wherever you find it best to put the standalone sling bather. AA batteries are required for the shower pump.

These extra features make this tub one of the most versatile baby bath tubs on the market, and many parents love the flexibility it provides. In addition to the blue and green variety, this tub also comes in a pink option with a floral and butterfly print on the sling.

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4. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat TubAnother highly rated tub from Fisher-Price is this “4-in-1” tub, named as such because it adapts for 4 different stages of the child’s development from newborn to toddler. The middle stages are designed for when the baby outgrows the sling but could use some assistance sitting up in the form of a soft foam surface. They call it their “Sit-Me-Up Support” feature.

Each element of the tub is removable, so when your child reaches stage 4 he or she can have plenty of room to play in the tub unencumbered. The tub even comes with a couple of toys, a squeeze bottle and a whale scoop, to help get play time started! Also on the tub is a hook to aid in conveniently hanging the tub up to air dry in the shower or wherever is most convenient.

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